Start of the share buyback programme at a fixed price

On 29 October 2018 the Board of Directors of Castle Private Equity Ltd. has decided to execute the share buyback approved by shareholders at the Annual General Meeting held on 14 May 2018 by way of a share buyback programme at a fixed price. The share buyback is for cancellation purposes.


As a result of the share buyback at a fixed price, Castle Private Equity Ltd. plans to repurchase up to 4,343,621 registered shares (24.10% of the outstanding share capital). The buyback programme lasts from 13 November to 27 November 2018, 11am CET, and the buyback price is CHF 17.50 per registered share with a nominal value of CHF 0.05. The net buyback price (buyback price minus 35% withholding tax calculated on the difference between the exercise price and the nominal value) will presumably be paid on 30 November 2018. Should the number of registered shares tendered for repurchase exceed the offer, the registered shares subject to the offer will be reduced proportionately.


It is intended to seek approval for the cancellation of all registered shares repurchased at the Annual General Meeting 2019. Castle Private Equity Ltd. has mandated Zürcher Kantonalbank as Lead Manager of the transaction.

The current share buyback programme via a second trading line will be suspended for the duration of the fixed price share buyback programme.


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29 October 18, 6:35 PM

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